Who are we?

We are dedicated to sharing the latest trends and innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Our goal is to provide informative articles and presentations for readers of all levels, from beginners to specialists. Our experts work on various projects, ranging from data analysis to machine learning and deep learning, including computer vision and natural language processing. The VANIILA blog is a reliable source of information written by doctors and engineers from the Algorithms and Data Department of CATIE. Our articles present challenges and solutions inspired by our projects, as well as answers to common questions we receive from companies. We also share open source code and trained models.

Our objective is to contribute to the promotion of AI knowledge and experience, stimulate innovation and foster AI collaborations, and we strive to be a part of the ecosystem in which CATIE, as a Research and Technology Organization (RTO), is an essential component.

We look forward to continuing to share our expertise and insights with you.

CATIE is a RTO whose primary mission is to support and accompany SMEs, ETIs, and other structures in their development and digital transformation projects. We collaborate with research laboratories, universities, and industrial partners to promote artificial intelligence. We also actively participate in the scientific dissemination of skills that may be considered inaccessible by some structures. We widely disseminate our expertise and the results of our work through our technological innovation platforms, such as VANIILA, which is dedicated to AI. We offer an environment for development and calculation for rent. Structures have access to Jupyter notebooks and SSH access to servers equipped with GPUs to train their models.